Procurement Services

Ferotex Construction Company is dedicated to ensuring that all supplies, materials, equipment and services are procured at the lowest possible cost – cost being defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability, and service. Ferotex Construction Company is happy to assist with cost control programs and operational support to all clients.

Iyinzu Bridge Construction

OilField Services

We are the leading name in industry. we have a wide experience on Oil Field Services that suits the needs of clients.We know everything about Oil Field Services


Road Construction


Project planning is an aspect of construction that require years of experience in construction,keep a project running in budget, handle problems ,creating a plan that fits the need of client.

We are your construction partner, choose with confidence. Ferotex Construction Comany  delivers best business solutions regarding to road construction.We have unmatched industry expertise, dedicated and committed to confidently implement optimum solutions to client unique organizational requirements.Our team of experienced professionals strive for a common goal of achieving excellence and beyond.


Building construction by FCC

Building Construction

Today Construction is more than just erecting a building it’s a fusion of design and planning ,procedure and methods,delivering quality and equipping to the changing  requirements.


Drainage System

We are the leading name in industry.we have a variety of exquisite drainage systems that suits custom needs for proper passage.We know everything about Drainage system. our commitment is for insuring proper and effective completion of our projects , we advise and employee latest and specialized techniques.As a professional construction company we accept liability for any damage so that u don’t have to worry.

Maintenance Services

Ferotex Construction Company is your one stop solution for all your Industrial,Commercial and Residential maintenance project. A team  of competent engineers, who provide solution for your problems. Our consultant engineers  analyze client requirements to create custom solutions and also helping clients meet their goals.

Drainage at Aba Owerri Road, Abia State

Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is the term for the work of designing and building infrastructure. It usually means large structures, like bridges, dams, buildings, and tunnels. It also covers complicated networks such as water, irrigation and sewerage networks. It also covers the construction of houses and homes. Civil engineers can be involved in all stages in the life of infrastructure, from planning and construction to maintenance and demolition. Civil engineering often overlaps with ARCHITECTURE.

What is architecture ?

What is architecture , is it just an outlook , an opinion , a perspective or is it more than that ?? Some of the  early examples of architecture might shed some light.It can be suffice presumed  by looking at those monuments and structures, and comparing it with modern day design that the process evolved out of human desire and longing for artistic taste.